Summary of Key Results

I. Key Result
The major aim of participation at different conferences, seminars and exhibitions is to promote and disseminate the outputs and findings of eINTERASIA project among IT, technology transfer and e-Logistics communities in different regions (EU, Central Asia, others).

All events can be united in several groups:

  • Political and governmental level
    AEF 2013, ICT 2013 (Create, Connect, Grow), cooperation „Latvia-Tajikistan” (RTU-TUT), Eurasian Business Forum 2015, AEF 2015, International Conference „Uzbekistan-Latvia-EU”.
  • Business-oriented international/ regional conferences & exhibitions
    TRANSRUSSIA 2013, TRANSRUSSIA 2014, Transport Logistics 2014, Uzbek-Latvian business forum, cooperation between Tajik associations and UIFA, BESTSOFT Uzbekistan, TransUzbekistan 2014, HR Transformation etc.
  • Academic/ Scientific international conferences and Workshops
    Baltic Dynamics 2013, VARE 2013, EIFL 2013, GIZ Workshop, IFF Scientific Day 2014, SPICE 2014, WSEAS 2014, MODELSWARD 2015, ICT Study Group, International touch Forum, SPICE 2015.
  • Meetings with potential end-users
    Seminars and round tables in e-Logistics (UIFA), VR solutions (Astana Innovations), IT solutions (TUT) etc.

II. Key Result
In total the Consortium partners took part at six events at political/ governmental level, more than 8 business-oriented international conferences & exhibitions, ten academic conferences and various regional round tables and seminars.
All this event were used as a platform for presenting and promoting eINTERASIA outputs, approaches and future plans.

III. Key Result
Big number of visitors of the project website is one of the result of active dissemination process: on October 1st, 2015 – about 600000 visitors.

IV. Key Result
More information on Dissemination & Communication activities is presented in the Deliverable „Consolidated report on dissemination and communication activities”
It is placed at the website – Results – Public deliverables.